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Winning the Spiritual War

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Winning the Spiritual War by Pastor Marvin E. Smith III

People ask often-times,”Why must we prepare for Spiritual Warfare?” “Why do we need to be so alert to what the enemy is doing?” People in the world and in our churches are falling into the traps of Satan everyday. Not just by tens or twenties, but thousands of young people must be prepared for the Spiritual battle that they are about to face in America. The enemy is coming faster that we can imagine and we are not ready to face what is coming our way. As Pastor Smith says, “ The church is like a person lying on the beach watching the waves roll in and then begins to look off in the distance and sees the tsunami but decides to continue watching the waves.” Churches, we must wake up to this spiritual tsunami and decide today that we are going to prepare our young people for what is ahead of them.

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