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Missions Department

Our missions program is supported by those of the church with a burden to see this world come to Christ. Not only does Harvest send thousands of dollars per month to the foreign field for the use of evangelizing the world, but we also send missionaries to the world right out of the church. Harvest operates its own missions board that handles the support and ministry to its own missionaries. At present, we send support to over 40 missionaries worldwide!

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Harvest Baptist Printing and Publications Ministry:

Psalm 68:11, “The Lord gave the Word, great was the company of those that published it.” In 1996 Harvest Baptist Printing and Publications began by printing and assembling a container of 200,000 John and Romans and 2 million Gospel tracts for the country of India. Since then we’ve printed over 17,000,000 pieces of scripture and materials in seven different languages for the countries of India, Mexico, Canada, Albania, Croatia, Philippians, Zambia, as well as throughout the United States of America.


Training, counseling, discipleship and other spiritual books and pamphlets are produced by the thousands through this encouraging ministry. The ministry does not charge foreign missionaries for printed materials. The printing is done as God supplies the paper and money to ship the containers. Literally millions have been saved and reached with the Gospel through this ministry.

Missionaries to Unreached People Groups:
 Since 2008, they spent ten years in the Peruvian jungle church planting and training nationals , and taking many deep jungle expeditions to reach the most remote people where no missionary has gone before. Now based out of Harvest and continuing to work in Peru as well as many other countries around the world, Jason has been in well over a dozen countries doing anything and everything such as Evangelistic Exploit Expeditions to the un-contacted and un-evangelized, Pioneer Projects to research closed countries, teaching in Bible institutes, preaching in National Pastor's conferences, and strengthening the underground church in a safe house meeting. When in the States, they travel preaching missions conferences, recruiting laborers, and helping to train future generations of missionaries in venues such as the Ignite Conference, and the Beyond Borders extreme missions boot camp.  They specialize in the most difficult areas of the world where the last groups of people are waiting to hear the Gospel and "creative access" countries that are closed to traditional missions methods.


Divine Grace Cares is a non-profit organization that is seeking to help all around the world. We are currently working in two countries: Haiti and Malawi, Africa. Our ministry, Divine Grace Cares, is currently supporting an orphanage in Haiti that has 40 children with the desire to continue to grow and reach more children. Divine Grace Cares is currently supporting 32 of these children on a monthly basis for $62 each, and is looking for more sponsors for the other children and for the future children. Divine Grace Cares, is in the beginning stages of working with a preschool in Malawi, Africa. Where we will be helping build a Pre-school and a feeding center, along with digging a well to provide water to those in the community. The mission of Divine Grace Cares is to partner with those who are already on the ground, seeking to help with the needs of the people in their area. We want to provide the funds to be able to help with the needs of the people their communities. To learn more visit

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Annual Missions Trips to Foreign Countries:

Harvest Baptist Church has been supporting missions since nearly the beginning of the church. Now the Lord is allowing us to send out teams of short-term missionaries to help churches and pastors get the Gospel spread and to be able to help in many different building projects and orphanges. To learn more about our upcoming mission trips call Bro. David Sosa at 515-269-0097. To watch videos of recent Mission Trips please click here. To learn more about Divine Grace Cares, click here.



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